Q: Do  you sell at places other than on line?

A: Yes, I sell at several shows throughout the year. You can find a list of upcoming shows on my Shows/Events page.

Q: Are you a Rockhound, digging up and making all of your own stones?

A: No, I am not.  I call myself a Rock Hunter and thoroughly enjoy going to rock shops in different areas and rock shows, seeking out stones that I think would work well. I get very excited when I can dig through a pile of stones and find even one that I can vision as a "pin" on a lovely hand knitted or crocheted garment.

Q: What kind of magnets do you use?

A: I use rare earth magnets. 

Q: Can a person who has a pacemaker wear these magnetic "pins"?

A: No, it would be dangerous for them to do so.

Q: If I am local to your area, could I buy on the website and then go and pick it up?

A: Absolutely. There is a discount code for you to use at checkout so you will not be charged any shipping. The code is LOCALPICKUP.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: I do not except returns.

Q: Can I get a refund or exchange if my item arrives damaged?

A: Should this happen, you  have up to 72 hours from the time it arrived to take a photo of the damaged piece and the box it came in and send it to Michele at [email protected]. Please include your phone number. I will contact you to take care of it. 

Q: If I change my mind on a piece once I receive it, can I exchange it for another?

A: Yes, if you contact me within 48 hours.  You must choose a piece of equal or higher value. You will be responsible for all shipping costs. 

Q: How do I properly take care of my magnetic "pin"?

A: I suggest you watch my "Welcome" video for important information. Always be sure that your "pin" is secure on your garment. Dropping it on a hard surface could result in cracking of the stone or magnet. Use a soft cloth to rub out any smudges due to natural oils from your fingers. When not in use, store your piece, perhaps on the refrigerator or other magnetic surface.

Q: Can I order and have you drop ship to someone else?

A: Absolutely. If you want a personal note to go with the product, contact Michele at [email protected] as soon as you place the order. Tell me what you want the note to say and I will be happy to add it in.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: No. I'm sorry, but at this time I mainly ship within the United States. I will ship to Canada if a customer contacts me before placing an order. My experience with an order to a customer in Canada was that she was charged $30 in taxes (I think she purchased 3 pins) and since she had a U.S. bank account, she did not have to pay extra due to the exchange rate. If a customer understands the extra costs involved and wants to go ahead with a purchase, I am very happy to mail product out.