I grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut and as a child, I always loved to color and paint. Throughout my life I have always done some form of arts and crafts that included color and patterns. My mother taught me to crochet when I was about 12 and I took up knitting when I was 27. I continued to do both off and on through the years while I raised my two daughters with my husband Bill.

I had the pleasure of working in my local yarn shop and it was so wonderful to be surrounded by all of the different colors and textures that covered the walls. In 2004 I had the opportunity to purchase the yarn shop and I took the challenge. For 8 years I enjoyed going to work, meeting new people and helping them with their own creativity through crocheting and knitting. In 2012 I made the hard decision to close the yarn shop.

In 2014, while at my local county fair, I bought a few lovely, shiny stones. I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I was drawn to their beauty. Just days later I was thinking that these stones would make nice scarf or shawl pins. A way to keep these garments closed  without much fuss would be nice. When I had the yarn shop, I sold a wide variety of pins but none that were made of stone. My idea was born that day. The question was how do I turn stones into "pins". I remembered that sometime previously, I had bought a little angel magnetic brooch. Well, perhaps with the right magnets, this idea could work. After much searching, trial and error with different magnets, I finally settled upon what I thought was a good strong combination that would do the job. Now, I had to find more stones that would work. I hunted every rock shop and rock show I could get to. That was part of the fun, trying to find different patterns and colors on stones that I thought would be complimentary to garments of all kinds. I began to think that I should buy all of the necessary equipment to cut and polish stones myself. That idea was short lived once I did my research. I decided it was much more fun to hunt down pieces I would like to use. There is such a variety of stones already made by rockhounds, both perfect in shape and smoothness and organic in shape with imperfections. I enjoy both but if I am to be honest, I prefer the more organic ones. Since that beginning I have evolved a bit and now own 2 pieces of equipment that allow me to make changes to a stone if need be to get the look that I want. I now embellish some pieces with wire and beads or adorn them with metal charms. I now have a studio in my back yard where I do all of my work, or as I like to say, my fun work. Every January I go to Quartzsite, Arizona to purchase new stones and it's fun to see what new discoveries are available.

I do enjoy being a vendor at many fiber festivals where I can meet and mingle with like minded people. It is because of many of you that I now am able to offer my magnetic "pins" to those of you who are not able to shop in person. I appreciate all of you.